How Do 25 Blind Lions Go To A Club Meeting?


NO!! This is not a trick question.  The Covington VIP Lions Club was chartered to reach out to visually impaired persons (VIP).  For over a decade, Lion Wanda Scroggins and Guide Dog, Harley, have traveled the US promoting Leader Dog.  However, attending a LIONS Club  meeting, in her home community, often was a hurdle which LION Wanda could not overcome.

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LIONS Clubs Need An Advertising Campaign…You Can Help


In the past few weeks as I have met with clubs, more than one member has proclaimed, “Lions Clubs International needs to do some national advertising.”  When engaged to explain why, each member has stated that the average person on the street does not know what the LIONS do.

Other than the Rose Bowl Float, the Lions seldom get national coverage. However, many clubs are fortunate enough to capture the attention of the local media.

Then I began to think.  Who do we want to reach? With whom do we have the most influence? What do we want the community to learn from advertising?

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Become A Student Of Lions Clubs International


When we hear of a friend or family member being diagnosed with an illness, we immediately begin to research to discover the treatment plan and prognosis. If we are to learn to roar again, we must begin to engage ourselves in a pursuit of knowledge concerning the LIONS Club, its policies, its procedures, and its training opportunities.

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Check Your Attitude At The Door


Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” Unfortunately, as I visit with clubs, the attitude of optimism has been overtaken by a spirit of gloom, doom and despair. The confidence that was abounding at Charter Night has slowly eroded away.

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Let’s Learn To Roar Again


Almost daily we learn of someone who has had a major surgery or illness. In most cases, they will be able return to their normal walk of life after a period of rest and rehabilitation. Some of these people we know have had illness which required them to relearn basic skills, such as speech, feeding themselves or walking. With a dogged determination, Continue reading

Families That Serve Together Make A Difference


As Lions Clubs across Alabama begin to evaluate the services that they provide, as well as, the number of volunteers available to serve, it becomes evident that the younger members that we seek are often consumed with parenting responsibilities. The question then becomes, “How can the Lions Club become more attractive to these already busy community leaders?”

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Lion Families Meet Here…


Once a Family Club Exploration Committee is appointed, they must begin to investigate what changes  would be necessary to adopt a family meeting concept.  The first, and most noticeable change will most likely be within the area of club meetings.

headstart2Club meetings will need to be altered so that they offer a hospitable environment for family participation, while maintaining an acceptable level of productivity. For Example:

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Change The Radio, Can’t You Hear That Static


When driving down the road, prior to the invent of satellite radio, ever long trip involved finding a new station, when the static was louder than the music.  Of course, the challenge of finding a new station, when riding in the car with several people, maybe why the driver chose to listen to static until instructed to “Change the station,” by some backseat occupant, who had been awaken by the noise.

radio staticSound familiar?  It should.  Lions Clubs across Alabama are on auto-pilot.  It is easier to just keep doing the same thing, Continue reading