Every Club Needs a LIMO…


As I was talking with Charter President Lion Wanda Scroggins, she shared a unique leadership position which was created by the Covington VIP Lions Club.

limoThe VIP Club appointed one of their sight impaired members to be the LIONS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT OFFICER. The role of the LIMO is to publicize every activity of the club, manage its social media and facilitate communication among members.

A club which develops a relationship with the local news media can gain valuable coverage of its projects and fund-raising activities.  The LIMO, the contact person for the media, will become a valuable resource providing human interest stories.

As we the electronic media continues to expand into a variety of social media venues, the LIMO will move the club into every available social media.  A continual message centered around service, activities and our proud history will capture the attention of those who would like to join, those who want to support our association with contributions of money or time, and those who need our services.

Further, an informed member, is more likely to attend meetings, volunteer for projects and share their positive experience with others in the community. Therefore, there can not be too much communication.

If your club does not have a LIMO, ask how your club could benefit from a member who focused on sounding the message, “WE SERVE”.

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