1+1+1 Equals More Service


The months of April, May and June of 2015 are shaping up to be some of our largest membership growth months. 1+1+1 represents the simple formula to rendering greater service.

Membership-Growth-Patch-ME61As of today, the Lions of Alabama have positive membership growth.  However, we still have a number of clubs who have no growth or have sustained a membership loss.Let’s all report our membership growth before midnight on March 31, 2015.  Then let’s commit to Just Ask One Everyday. Use #JAOE to post pictures on Facebook and Twitter of those who accept your invitation to become a Lion.

If every club in Alabama would #JAOE and have a net growth of one member each month of the last quarter of the year, the LIONS of Alabama would experience growth of 420 members.

Will you do your part to just ask one?  askone_logo

Each Club Membership Chair is encouraged to plan a membership growth event in April.

This event could be a picnic, an officer installation night or Leo Club graduation event. Remember to keep it to an hour, limit the club business to zero action items, show upbeat videos and sell the dream of greater service and helping others.

You might invite LEO Club members who are graduating to join your club in April.  If you do not sponsor a Leo Club, you might host an event to honor Seniors and invite them and their parents to the event.

In May, let’s ask Mothers to join our association.  Mother’s of all ages know the value of rendering service to the youth of the community.

In June, Let’s ask Fathers to join our association. Father’s will appreciate the Hands-on projects which have been developed during this year of the Centennial Service Challenge.

Let’s see if we can have 100% of our clubs report at least one new member in each month – April, May and June.

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