Teamwork Scores Membership Gain


Since July 1, 2014, all three districts in Alabama have chartered at least one new club. District 34B kicked off the extension effort just prior to July, 2014 in Helena. District 34C, responded in kind, by forming a new club in Daphne. Coming to the party a little late, District 34A has roared throughout the district and formed 3 new clubs, Trinity, Hartselle and The University of North Alabama.

Additionally, the Guntersville Lions Club has partnered with Snead State Community College, a two year junior college in Boaz. The partnership resulted from the club inviting the College President to be the guest speaker at one of their club meetings. During the presentation, the President expressed his desire to see students engaged in “Service Learning”.

“Service Learning” triggered the club’s interest. Shortly thereafter, the Global Membership Team proposed the “Lions Club Intern” program. When these two concepts collided, the Guntersville met with the College leadership to propose a long term partnership which would benefit all concerned. After a presentation to 25 students, which explained the benefits of being a member of the World’s Largest Service Organization, four students immediately joined the Guntersville Club as the “Charter Interns.” Since that time, two other students have decided to commit to the being interns.

When new Charter members, Charter Interns and club membership growth are combined, the Lions of Alabama experience growth. In fact, 34A and 34C have positive membership growth as of the writing of this article.


Often the question is posed, “What can I do to help?” One thing that separates Lions from other service clubs is that we allow our members to decide the level of commitment that can be made to club meetings and service projects. Therefore the only person that can answer the question is each individual Lion.

  • If you choose to contribute only on a club level, you can help by inviting others to join your club, or you may join the club membership growth committee.


  • If you have more time to give, you could join an extension team, which works about 1 week in a nearby community to charter a new club.


  • If you can commit to meet with a club, at each of its meetings for two years, you may want to be a Guiding Lion to a newly chartered club.


  • In addition to these opportunities to serve on a team, there are positions on the Alabama Global Membership Team for Lions who want to develop membership programs; speak at State, District or Zone meetings; test new concepts at the club level; or travel to support membership growth efforts.

If you are interested on serving on a Membership Growth Team, please email Lion Jerome Thompson at

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