Ask One, Keep One, Start One


The Lions of Alabama are positioned to see greater service through increased membership.  It appears that one district will surpass the 1250 member mark in the first quarter of 2015.  The other two districts seem to be making progress toward reaching the goal of 1250 members.

How can we achieve membership goals?

askone_logoFirst, every Lion in Alabama must take an active role by inviting friends, family and neighbors to join their club.

Lions across the United States have discovered that when you ask, others are excited to accept the invitation to join. Why don’t people join our clubs?  In most cases, the answer is “they have not been asked”.

keep-one-logoSecond, membership is impacted by the retention of current members.  Why do members leave your Lions Club?  If we had that answer we would know how to close the backdoor.  Usually Lions leave due to the fact that we have not delivered the product that we sold.  Unsatisfied customers are known to say little and simply drop out of sight.  One way to reduce the number of Lions who leave is for your club to complete the Club Excellence Process.

Starting new clubs also increases our overall membership.  start-one-logoWhen new clubs are chartered, new communities are served by Loving Individuals Offering New Services (LIONS).  Please notify your GMT-D if you know of a town that is in need of a LIONS club to bring together compassionate servants to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Will you:

1. Invite someone to join your club every day for the month of January?

2. Reach out to a member who has missed the last few meetings?

3. Locate a place to start a new club?


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