Four Ways To Close the Back Door


How do we keep members from looking for a way out the backdoor?
close the back door1. At every club meeting we should be sharing the vision of the smiles we place upon the faces of those we serve.  When possible we should be inviting the people we serve to share with us the good that we are doing through each service project.

2. Every member should be actively involved in  a committee, assigned to a hands-on service project team and working with one fund-raising team. Involvement is the second step in the retention plan.

3. Every club should appoint an Attendance Committee, which is charged with the responsibility of reminding LIONS of meetings, as well as, contacting those who have missed two or more meetings.  Often members resign from a club because they don’t recognize the contribution they are making.  A card, call or visit may be all it takes to keep a member.

4. Members are looking to serve their community, while developing social and professional relationships.  Mentoring is important. Every member should be assigned a mentor to encourage personal growth, greater involvement and exploration of leadership opportunities.

And when these steps don’t work, a club should  consider adopting a plan of enlisting two new members for every member that must be dropped.  Club growth is achieved most easily through retaining the members we currently have.

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