What We Can Learn From The 2014 Elections


November 4, 2014 will go down in history as one of the days that the people of Alabama went to the polls and let their voices be heard.  What can we as LIONS learn from this election cycle?

1.  In most communities the high school students and young adults were involved in the election process.  This disproves the notion that “The younger generation doesn’t want to help their community.”

However, what we can take away from this observation is that when the younger generation identifies with a cause, they do become involved. Ask one of these people why they have volunteered to get Joe or Jane elected and you will hear the passion in their voice about an issue that they believe to be important.

Also, the younger generation does not see their willingness to help in a campaign to be a life long commitment.  Rather, the opportunity to improve the world through involvement with a candidate is has a definite end date and a culminating event.

2. People grow tired of constant negative advertisements.  In talking with friends and family about the television and print advertising, the common theme is that we want the election cycle to end, because we are tired of the 24/7 non-stop negative attacks.


We may be able to sway the opinion of some with negative advertising.  However, those who look deeper than the surface of politics find the bashing of an opponent to be  a turn-off.

The take away for your club is as follows:

1. If you want to attract younger members, you must expect limited, seasonal and cyclical commitment.   It is acceptable for a member to only help with service projects or fund-raising, while skipping meetings.  We all have busy lives.

2. Service projects, which is the rendering of service to meet a community need, without any motivation of profit, must center around causes or issues which are important to our younger members.

3. We must develop methods of communication which involve the members who are unable to attend a club meetings.  Snail Mail, email, newsletters, text messages and calls must all be used to keep our members informed.

4. Our message must be positive.  Our members are turned off by negativity. WE Serve!!  We make a difference.  We the LIONS of Alabama are working together in so many ways to improve the quality of life for others.

Now, Let’s go invite those who have been on the campaign trail to join our club.

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