The Clown Around Town Asking Some Strange Questions


The art of asking someone to join the LIONS Club has been perfected by few LIONS.  Although International President Joe Preston has promoted the slogan, “Just Ask One”, there has been no explanation as to how to ask.

Therefore, after carefully observing Lions shifting from foot to foot, rattling the change in their pocket, looking up to the sky and sweating as if they were a young boy asking a girl out to the prom, it is time to cover a few things not to do.

join us now happy lions

1. “You don’t want to join the XYZ Lions Club, do you?” 

This is not an effective way of recruiting new members.  Questions should be phrased in a positive way. Also, we should not have already mentally assumed that the invitee will not be interested.

2. “We are electing officers next week, would you like to join the XYZ Lions Club? We need a President?”

The buzzers are sounding in the head of the invitee.  We should be selling a vision of service to the community.  No new Lion wants to be thrown into a leadership role.

3. “I got to ask someone to join the XYZ Lions Club.  Some guy with a funny haircut keeps sending me emails about ‘Just Ask One’.  Will you be the one I ask?”

Most people are not going to join the LIONS Club to help you reach a goal.  One joins the LIONS club to fulfill a personal need or desire to be relevant to his/her community. Often, the reason for joining is a selfish motivation such as business development, political gain, etc.  However, these same individuals, when introduced to the gift of giving continue to pay their dues for a lifetime.

4. “You are young, energetic and seem to be interested in your community.  Will you Join the XYZ Lions Club.  We are old but do some good things.

Prospective members are seeking to join a group of like-minded individuals.  Age is not a barrier to forming a group of community servants.  However, if your club is mostly a social club that write checks,  younger members will most likely pass on your invitation.  Today’s generation of young people are seeking an adventure in service.

5. “Will you join the XYZ Lions Club?  If we don’t get some members, I think the District Governor is going to lock the doors.”

Don’t look desperate.  There should be no hanging on to the feet of prospective members. New members do not want to jump on a sinking ship.  Let’s be positive.

Remember we are selling a vision of community service, a better tomorrow and personal development.  Now let’s all go do the right thing – Ask someone to join our club, daily.

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