Lions Honor Veterans With Special Membership Invitation


U.S. veterans have made so many great contributions and sacrificed so much to serve our country. With many service members being honorably discharged from the military, this is a good time to provide them with an opportunity to get involved in their communities. The Involve a U.S. Veteran Program provides qualifying veterans the opportunity to continue serving in a different way as Lions.

Benefits of Involving Veterans

Many veterans want to find a way to give back, and they have a lot to offer your Lions club, including:

The ability to turn plans into action and get the job done

  • Practical skills and leadership skills
  • Innovative ideas
  • Dedication, loyalty and commitment
  • Understanding the importance of teamwork

Involve a U.S. Veteran Program Qualifications

Ask now! The program is available to the first 5,000 certified U.S. veterans and runs from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2015.

Qualifying veterans receive an entrance or charter fee waiver when joining a Lions club. Eligible veterans include retired U.S. military personnel (i.e. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard Services, Marines, National Guard, Navy or Reserves) or those honorably-discharged from these services. Eligible persons may still be enlisted in the National Guard or Reserves. Veterans can be certified by completion of the Involve a U.S. Veteran Program Certification Form.


For additional information, contact the Membership and New Club Programs Department.

Source: Lions Clubs International

One thought on “Lions Honor Veterans With Special Membership Invitation

  1. Dora Hartsock

    I love this idea, coming from a Veteran myself; our service men and women love to serve. We to need to seek out these men and women they would do so much for our clubs. They already have a heart of service and need a new project of service to fill that void after being discharged. I hope every club looks into their community and finds these veterans. Would serve their clubs well.

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