Stuck In The Revolving Door?


I recall as a child stepping into the revolving door at a large department store.  Behind me was several people, who were in a hurry to get their shopping done and leave.  They pushed the door rather briskly, without a regard for who got pushed along.  Three revolutions later, I found myself ejected back out on the street.  How did this happen?

1. The adults paid no attention to the younger people who were trying to use the same entrance.

2. I did not know enough about this type door to know that I had to jump out while it was moving.

Fast forward 40 years.  This scene is played over and over again in Lions Clubs across Alabama.  Older LIONS are paying no attention to new LIONS, who are trying to find a way to serve the community.  Further, the newer LIONS do not have the experience to leap into the midst of club activities.  Then, after spinning about for a few months, the newer LION finds himself cast out of the circle, back on to the street, with a bruised ego.

Why Do LIONS leave the world’s largest service organization?

1. Club Leadership is not supporting the newer LIONS needs.

2. The Product that we have sold to the new members is not being delivered by the club.  Hence expectations are not being met.

3. Clubs have projects which are not meeting the needs of the community.  You might say – OLD Projects which have outlived their usefulness.

4. Same people are always doing the same jobs. There is no room for the newer members in the club cliques.

5. Inductions and orientations are non-existent or poorly done.

Does this sound like your club? If so, you must address these issues at the next Board of Directors meeting.  We must stop the revolving door.  By keeping members engaged we can provide greater service to our community.

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