Lions Without Borders – Collaborative Service Ideas


During the Ebola outbreak, almost every news account refers to Doctors Without Borders.  This group of medical professionals have dedicated themselves to going where ever a need exist.  This weekend, I have been given the opportunity to meet with Lions from across neighboring states to work collaboratively.

IMG_4404When Lions hibernate in their own den, having limited contact with other Lions, we fail to gain from being part of the world’s largest service organization.  Although the formal training begins on Saturday morning, the Friday night informal dinner has proven to be worthwhile.

Like a sponge, I have learned how the Lions of South Carolina have established 501(C)(3) foundations to make grant applications to provide vision screening of children.  With laughter and a touch of reality, everyone has recognized that we must do something different, if our goal is to increase membership to aid in our quest of meeting new community needs.  Of course, the most valuable aspect of the evening is the friendships that have been forged.

The Saturday Challenge –

1. Every Lion in your club should at least once per year, visit another LIONS Club.

2. Once each year, your club should host a Zone meeting.

3. Club officers and each member of the Board of Directors should attend the Regional Lions Leadership Institute.

4. Each Club should have a minimum of 10% of its members to attend the Alabama Annual Convention.

WHY? We ain’t ever done that before!!

The reason to engage in the suggested activities is to broaden each member’s perspective of what is possible when 1.37 Lions join hands to find a solution to a common need.  Also, each club has its own service projects and fund-raising activities, which can be shared.  More importantly, as we become LIONS without club, district, or state borders, we begin to fulfill the mission of service.

District 34A and 34C have Cabinet (District) meetings on November 15 and November 8, respectively.  This will be the next opportunity that you and your club have to travel beyond the borders of your club.  I challenge you to go soak up ideas like a sponge.

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