Lions Club Membership Provides Added Benefits


We live in a consumer society that is always comparing prices and quality.  As a businessman, I am continually reviewing the benefit versus cost of each expenditure. Often, I find that the cost of continuing education and training for my staff is expensive, yet necessary, if I am to compete in face paced legal environment.

One of the most effective way to train staff, promote your brand and positively impact your community is to pay the dues for your top-level management to be a member of the local Lions Club.  The investment into your staff, their personal development and the community will pay dividends for years to come.

How will you company benefit?

1. Your staff will have the opportunity to network with other professionals in your community.

2. Your staff will develop leadership and organizational skills, as they work within committees to address community needs.

3. Your staff will be associated with like-minded individuals who are seeking a common goal of service to the community.

4. Your staff will be recognized as a community servant, who is participating in a hands-on, visible way, to serve others.

5. Your staff will have the opportunity to attend Zone and Regional meetings, which will expand their leadership opportunities.

6. When your staff attends a Regional Lions Leadership Institute, they will receive training in the following areas: Team Work, Diversity, Public Speaking, Time Management and more.

7. Having had the opportunity for personal growth, your staff will be more loyal to your organization.

Most importantly, a company which promotes membership in the LIONS, will be seen as a community minded organization.  The enhanced image will prove to be profitable for all concerned.

Will you share the benefits of membership in your LIONS Club with one company each week for the next 3 months?  JUST ASK ONE company, each week.

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