Leadership, Experience, Opportunity – LIONS Mentor LEOS


Pass it on!  From the beginning of time, adults have passed on the necessary life skills that our children will need to find success in their adult life.  LIONS Clubs mentor the youth through the LEO Club.

LIONS Clubs International website contains the following information, in addition to other resources.

As a Leo, you took part in service projects that not only improved your community, but also provided you with valuable leadership experience. Continue to make a difference and apply these skills as a Lion by chartering a Leo Lions club.

Leo Lions clubs provide an easy transition for graduating Leos by offering a charter/entrance fee waiver and half international dues to qualifying Leos and peers, through age of 30.

To charter a Leo Lions club you will need:

Get started on a new Leo Lions Club by requesting a New Club Extension Kit.

All graduating Leos, through age of 30, are also eligible to receive the charter/entrance fee waiver and pay only half international dues when joining any type of Lions club.

For more information, contact the Membership and New Club Programs Department.

Every club should consider answering the Centennial Challenge by sponsoring a LEO Club.

LIONS Have Youth Service In Our Sight – We Serve Ideas



As the gentlemen sat outside the country store, on the old church pew, that now serves as the “Gathering Spot” the conversation turned to the state of the world.  From the world issues, to national politics and finally settling upon the kids of today, each man recited how it was in the “good ol days”, as compared to “the way THEY are”.  Continue reading

Weekend Backpack Food Challenge – WE Serve Ideas


A child that is well feed is able to better concentrate and learn in the classroom.  Often, through no fault of the child, hunger steals the ability to focus, potential to succeed and hope for a better tomorrow.

We as LIONS, have a responsibility to serve our communities and meet the needs that exist. When your club undertakes its next Community Needs Assessment,  Continue reading

Auburn Extension Cooperative And LIONS – A Partnership Of Service


As the LIONS find creative ways to exceed the goal of 100 million people served by LIONS projects by December 31, 2017, we must begin to think about how to maximize community resources to make our work more efficient.  There is no time to recreate the wheel.  Rather, by extending a hand of service to other community based groups, we can multiply the impact upon the community.

In Alabama, we are fortunate to have an Auburn Cooperative Extension office Continue reading