Families That Serve Together Make A Difference


As Lions Clubs across Alabama begin to evaluate the services that they provide, as well as, the number of volunteers available to serve, it becomes evident that the younger members that we seek are often consumed with parenting responsibilities. The question then becomes, “How can the Lions Club become more attractive to these already busy community leaders?”

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Lion Families Meet Here…


Once a Family Club Exploration Committee is appointed, they must begin to investigate what changes  would be necessary to adopt a family meeting concept.  The first, and most noticeable change will most likely be within the area of club meetings.

headstart2Club meetings will need to be altered so that they offer a hospitable environment for family participation, while maintaining an acceptable level of productivity. For Example:

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Change The Radio, Can’t You Hear That Static


When driving down the road, prior to the invent of satellite radio, ever long trip involved finding a new station, when the static was louder than the music.  Of course, the challenge of finding a new station, when riding in the car with several people, maybe why the driver chose to listen to static until instructed to “Change the station,” by some backseat occupant, who had been awaken by the noise.

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Family Focused Foundation Fuels Sustained Growth

Sunday ideas are usually applicable to your local house of worship, as well as, your LIONS Club.  Please feel free to share this blog with your church leaders, as we strive to build a base of community leaders, who have the heart of a servant.

As we have evolved over the last 97 years, Lions have grown not only numerically, but also in our scope of service and our diversity of membership.  As we continue our transformation into a service organization that meets the needs the community, as well as our membership, we must consider the issues which prevent potential members from joining our cause and fully participating in club projects and activities.

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Changing The Station (format) To Find Something We Enjoy


The running joke is that men love to change the television channel during each commercial.  Often, we land back at the same place we started. However, there are times that we find something which is more entertaining and never return to original channel.  For a second, let’s think about how that the delivery of entertainment has changed over our lifetime (in my case 54 years).

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Lions Leaving A Legacy


Often when we read of a Lions Club leaving a legacy, we think of a service project which resulted in a permanent structure or monument. Lions have built parks, libraries, stadiums, hiking trails and more.  When properly marked a Lions Club will be remembered for its lasting contribution.

However, the real legacy is building a membership which will continue the dream of service, long after the charter members are gone.

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