SHHH!!! Lions Clubs Are The World’s Best Kept Secret


Ever think about what others are saying about your club?  or LIONS as a whole?

Recently, while flying to a LIONS Leadership Conference, I engaged a younger couple seated next to me in a conversation about the LIONS.  I asked “Are you familiar with the LIONS and the work we do?” The young ladies reply was typical, “Are you the ones that wear the funny hats?”  My reply, “No, we are the ones that wear the funny vest.”

rock the vestFrom that point, our conversation turned to the service we provide.  She was very interested.  However, she was under the belief that the LIONS was for only men.  Having clarified that the LIONS was an organization that embraced members of all genders, creeds and races, I gave her the web address of LIONS International to find a club in her city. Continue reading

Which Is Better “A” or “B” – Bringing Your Club Image Into Focus


Jimmy Buffett, one of the greatest entertainers to ever walk on the face of the earth, in my humble opinion, has the ability to shape a powerful message in a few words. Coconut Telegraph was the title song for his 1981 album. From the first time that I heard the catchy tune, I have visualized the Caribbean community whispering about the island happenings. Of course, all whispers are told from the perspective of the one speaking. In his or her mind, perception becomes reality. As “Dis and Dat” is told on the island, the gossip, no matter how skewed, slowly transforms into the truth.

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Lions Lend A Hand When The Vision Of Success Is Lost


Last week, we explored topics dealing with inviting members to join our clubs.  Please take a few minutes to review those blogs, if you have not read them.

This week, having secured new members, the question becomes “How does each member define success, personally and for the club?”  A satisfied member is one who has a clear vision of what they want to accomplish within our clubs and can measure progress toward that goal.

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I Had No Idea What To Expect, I Was New And You Helped


My mind drifts back to one of the most unsettling events in my life. For 17 years, I had the security of a loving home. Yet graduation from high school was only a few days away.  Then “Change” was going to take place.  Somehow, like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, I was going to be transformed into a college student, with a new living environment.

What made the transformation easier?  The University of North Alabama required that I spend 2 days on campus engaged in a Summer Orientation And Registration program. In these two days that I gained the necessary knowledge to make the transformation from a successful high school career to a memorable college experience.

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The Five Eyes See All Service Opportunites



Community Service is enhanced each time a New LION is inducted into a LIONS Club.

PID Ron Huber, North Carolina, in 1996 spoke to over 200 LIONS in Decatur, Alabama at the 34L District Convention.  During his presentation, he made a statement that has echoed within my mind many times, “Successful LIONS Clubs employ the “Five I’s.”

Lion Huber further explained the process of introducing LIONS to our friends, bringing them into our clubs and allowing them to experience personal satisfaction and growth. Continue reading

If You Build A Dream, They Will Join


One of the most quoted lines from a movie is from “Field of Dreams”, IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME. Lions Clubs, that create a dream within its members and prospective members, will grow.  John Maxwell shares the importance of having a dream.  When planning the agenda for your membership growth event, the focus should be communicating a dream for everyone to adopt as their own.

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Avoid Rejection – We Can Use The Hands


We are on the edge of a service explosion in North America.  Needs have been identified in the each community where a LIONS Club meets. Plans are being made to allocate the necessary resources to meet those needs.

The only commodity which is in short supply, the one thing that may prevent us from reaching our goal of serving 100,000,000 needs by December 31,2 1017 is the lack of hands to serve.  October is Membership Growth Month.  Each Club in Alabama is Continue reading

Hello, Where Is The Backdoor? I AM GONE!


New members seek a place within your club to make a valuable contribution. Each club should have a membership committee which assist in meshing new ideas and enthusiasm with the long-standing traditions of the club.

The Membership Committee is very important to the longevity of a Lions Club. Club membership chairpersons assist their clubs with membership growth. Growth is Continue reading