97 Years and Growing Stronger


jones birthdayLions Clubs around the world continue to make history.  Whether your club is 97 years old or received its charter in the last few days, we all benefit from the rich history of service that LIONS Clubs International has provided for almost a century.

However, we can not sit back, reflect upon Continue reading

Stuck In The Revolving Door?


I recall as a child stepping into the revolving door at a large department store.  Behind me was several people, who were in a hurry to get their shopping done and leave.  They pushed the door rather briskly, without a regard for who got pushed along.  Three revolutions later, Continue reading

The Clown Around Town Asking Some Strange Questions


The art of asking someone to join the LIONS Club has been perfected by few LIONS.  Although International President Joe Preston has promoted the slogan, “Just Ask One”, there has been no explanation as to how to ask.

Therefore, after carefully observing Lions shifting from foot to foot, rattling the change in their pocket, looking up to the sky Continue reading